Webinar Registration Page Do’s and Don’ts

Bryn Powell
Marketing Manager, Global Expansion

What if you threw a party, but forgot to invite people? Would anyone show up? Unlikely. Now think of this in the context of your webinar promotions — are your registration pages up to par for the awesome online event that you are about to throw? A good registration page can make or break your webinar registration numbers. That’s why I’ve created a list of do’s and don’ts to consider when creating your next registration page


  • Keep it simple: Stick to the facts – what, where, and when. Make it as easy as possible for clients and prospects to understand what the topic is and how to register. Make sure date and time is clearly stated, possibly in multiple locations on the page, and double check that is it correct!
  • Direct users to a strong call-to-action: While the registration page is a good location for a synopsis of the webinar, the point of the page is really to register clients and prospects. Embed the registration form near the top of page, not hidden below paragraphs of text. Use a visibility attractive form in order to direct attention to it.
  • Use images or videos: People make decisions with their eyes as well, so be sure to create a visually stimulating page. Use an image specific to the webinar you are promoting, not a generic image without information overlaid. Consider creating a teaser video for the webinar. Not only are videos more interactive and engaging, but incorporating them into your registration pages can help increase your actual registration numbers. We saw a double digit increase when we started doing this!


  • Write a novel: To the point above, keep it simple! A long registration page with lots of copy can distract users from your actual call-to-action
  • Add too many fields to your form: Form abandonment is real! Long forms can cause users to drop off and may lower registration numbers. Find out what fields are necessary for your data model and CRM tools – try to stick to six or less.
  • Include incorrect or broken links: Might sound like a no-brainer, but this is the most important item on this list! If your links are broken or incorrect there is no way for users to register for your webinar. Take time to double check links before launching the page. On the same note, make sure your calendar reminders included in the confirmation page are correct, otherwise people will try to log in to your event at the wrong time or date.

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