Why Mobile Now Includes Voice

In this clip from our webinar Disruptive Digital Trends All Retailers Should Know, ChannelAdvisor's Link Walls discusses why, when we talk about mobile these days, we're also talking about voice.

So let's go ahead and jump right in, talk about mobile.

And when we talk about mobile these days, really what we're also starting to talk about is voice. Voice search is rising dramatically, so when we think about mobile, we're really think about both of those things hand-in-hand these days.

So just from a mobile traffic trend perspective; this is some data that we collect at ChannelAdvisor - and what it shows you is going back over the last four years is that we're clearly in a mobile first world - so if there's ever any doubt about it, I think this data pretty well shows that.

I've been in the eCommerce space for quite a while and, you know, there was a time where mobile was always the thing that was just around the corner, but never really materialised. And clearly it has materialised. And I think that's especially true in Europe where we see penetration that's even higher than some of these numbers.

But on average, about 2 of every 3 clicks that we track at ChannelAdivsor are on a mobile phone. So clearly shows that shift that's taking place to mobile. So sometimes people ask me "Does this mean I dont have to worry about desktop or tablet, I should just ignore that?", and of course the answer is no. There's still a portion of traffic there, and there's always going to be.

So as new things come along, as new technologies come along, we start to see those as really additive and they don't necessarily replace entirely the ones of the past - and so I think we'll see the same with voice over the coming years.