Be Where Your Audience Is


In order to engage with your audience and target markets effectively, you need to find out where they are, how they got there and the best way to interact with them via their respective touchpoints.

This video is a clip from "Global Mobile Trends - How to reach, influence & convert in-the-moment customers" - watch the webcast on-demand.

We think about 'being where your audience is' (if you think back to the first slide I showed you where you've got a fragmented ecosystem).

Well, we know your audience is still across the web, we know that they're still using their mobile and desktop devices to access the web, to access information. And so, where this is moving more and more through programmatic buying, it's being able to access a user as and when you want to, when you see him, when you see that data. So, programmatic definitely is the future of display, social and even search across the web.

You've also got mobile. Now, I talk about mobile here as a device but really it's just a screen. It's a screen where your users are, and your audiences are, and you have both programmatic buying on mobile off the web and you also have the ability to buy in-app.

Unfortunately, at the moment, those two ecosystems are slightly divided and there's some walls between them but there are ways to get around that.

And then finally we've got social. And again, social here isn't limited to a device - it can be across the web, it can be across mobile but, the providers, because they are social providers, we should think about them slightly differently as well. Today it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - it's moving on, there's many other platforms in social that you should be thinking about using.

The takeaway here is that you have to be where your audience is. You can't ignore an audience across a certain channel or a certain device because you think, well, "I'm just going to do it on the web", because you're missing half the story.