3 Top Tips for Marketplace Selling


Listen as Adam Joseph, Director of Client Services at ChannelAdvisor, takes us through his top tips for selling via marketplaces.

This clip is from our webinar, "Marketplace selling: Trends and Challenges for 2017" in association with ChannelAdvisor. To watch the full on-demand recording, click here.

[Morag Cuddeford-Jones] We’re getting towards the end of our hour, but just before we leave, I’m going to put you on the spot Adam. I'm going to ask you for a quick elevator pitch of 60 seconds on all those bits of advice you’ve given - If we were to prioritise and really say “okay I’ve got a mass of stuff in front of me now, but the first two or three things I need to get on with and look at even if I’m already doing it - make sure I’ve got these in place and then I can start working and finessing”, what would those two or three things be to really start nailing that marketplace strategy?


[Adam Joseph] The first thing is, assuming you’ve got great products, think about fulfilment, think about how you’re going to get your product to your customer as efficiently and quickly as you can do. That is one of the next frontiers in marketplaces and eCommerce - fulfilment. That is something to bear in mind. Think about the marketplaces you’re operating on, you can’t just list every single product on a marketplace and expect that to be successful. Think global - huge opportunity is there. The final thing is because the landscape is changing so quickly, make sure you’re heeding advice from marketplaces and companies such as ChannelAdvisor who are helping you stay one step ahead and keeping ahead of your competitors.