15 Clever Ideas to Capture More Customers

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In this brave new world of disruptive digital marketing, brands and retailers need to dig deep to make an impression. It’s a case of ‘sink or swim’. Failing to adapt to consumers’ changing shopping behaviours – especially the killer ‘combo’ of social and mobile – could mean getting left behind.

In this tip sheet, we’ll outline 15 easy-to-implement ways to capture more customers.

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  1. Make Mobile a Priority: Mobile now dominates the face of online retail. It accounted for 64% of UK orders over Cyber Five weekend last year. So, think mobile first – make sure your site is optimised and easy to use on a phone. Adopt mobile-oriented payment methods to make life easier for consumers to buy from you – for example Apple Pay, PayPal etc.
  2. Get to Grips With Social: People are buying more on social. A recent survey indicated that 56% of consumers follow brands on social media to browse products for sale. When it comes to your social strategy, don’t bombard users with ‘Buy Now’ call to actions - share photos, gift ideas and trends to drive engagement instead.
  3. Showcase Products on Pinterest: Feature high quality images on your Pins with easy-to-read text. Optimise by ‘pinning’ them at peak times.
  4. Keep Pace With Social Trends: Live video content is huge – on New Year’s Eve, Facebook Live saw record numbers streaming their celebrations. Instagram and Twitter have now launched their versions of live streaming too. Consider streaming live events or engage consumers with product demonstrations.
  5. Try Paid Ads on Facebook: Facebook is the undisputed king of social media ad revenues – making more than $7 billion last year, 80% of which came from mobile ads. Use Carousel ads for customer acquisition and re-engage with past customers using Dynamic Ads.
  6. Check Out Facebook's Creative Hub: Get inspired by looking at how other advertisers are using Facebook. You can use mock ups – and try out different formats.
  7. Make the Most of Messaging Apps: Think Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat – they’re now used by 4 billion users worldwide.4 Use them to communicate oneto-one with consumers, providing them super-quick answers to their queries
  8. Explore Marketplaces: Showcase your products worldwide via overseas marketplaces. Exposing your foreign brand on a website your customers will recognise can help encourage them to purchase from you. But don’t just stick to Amazon and eBay. Leave your comfort zone and check out Zalando, Jet.com, Newegg, Tmall and Trade Me.
  9. Utilise All Online Marketing Channels: Diversify to get ahead. Use all the tools at your command including PPC, SEO, social, marketplaces and email. Adopting a multichannel approach gives consumers more opportunities to complete their transactions in both your digital and bricks and mortar store. Use different channels to connect with customers at different purchase points - for example use SEO and PPC ads to generate traffic, and email marketing to re-connect with past purchasers.
  10. Get to Know Your Customers: If you sell directly to consumers you’ll accumulate a wealth of data about them, for example how they discovered your product, how much time they spend browsing onsite etc. Use this information to ensure you’re correctly targeting your efforts. Work with retail partners and third-party data providers to gain in-depth insights, and consider building programmes to facilitate this.
  11. Keep on Top of Your Brand Reputation: Find out who is selling your brand - and at what price - by carrying out regular product searches. Find your competitors and identify any emerging brands you should be aware of.
  12. Test Paid Advertising on Amazon: Drive conversions with Amazon Sponsored Products. These keyword-targeted ads allow you to advertise individual products you sell on Amazon. Ensure you keep your campaigns running continuously, since over half of all shoppers consult Amazon first when starting their product searches – so don’t miss this valuable opportunity to attract and convert these buyers.
  13. Use Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAS): Win back valuable past visitors when they’re actively searching using your current AdWords campaigns’ keywords - by offering them enticing and targeted promotions.
  14. Ask Industry Bloggers to Review Your Products: Bloggers and influencers can review both your products and services on their blogs – this is a great way to expand your brand advocacy and awareness.
  15. Optimise Your Listings on eBay: Fully utilise eBay listings to drive more traffic your way. Make sure you’re using the best keywords possible in the title and description – and add in links to your other items or store. Include all unique identifiers when listing to ensure you show up in search both on and off the marketplace.

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