What ChatGPT Means for Marketing and CX Professionals

What ChatGPT Means for Marketing and CX Professionals

Chat GPT has taken the internet by storm. Everywhere you go, all you hear about is people talking about how it's completely changed their lives or made things easier in some way - whether it's generating content for SEO, enriching code or simply helping people find inspiration. So for the uninitiated, this brings us to the question; What is ChatGPT really?

Technically, it's an AI powered language model. But what does that mean?! Well, in simple terms, it means you can ask questions in “plain english” and get coherent, human-like answers. 

This can be particularly powerful if your tasks involve generating content, like “write me 50 words about topic X”, as the AI is able to return very credible answers. But beyond that, what are some of the real-world applications for product marketers, data practitioners, and CX professionals?

When combined with other technology - such as analytics, CRM, or DXPs - this kind of natural language processing (NLP) can supercharge both staff and customer experiences. Non-technical staff can easily run complex queries and customers can quickly find what they’re looking for.

I say this because It uses NLP and NLQ techniques to understand user inputs, generate relevant responses, and carry out actions based on the user's intent.

NLQ - Simplifying data

At Veezoo, we're big fans of NLQ (Natural Language Querying). This is mainly because NLQ enables people to interact with software just the way they would with another human, rather than having to learn a specific programming language or input commands using specific syntax. This is a huge deal for users - specifically non technical users because this gives them the ability to generate reports and analyze data in the same way that a data analyst would. Only without the waiting and the bottlenecks. 

Veezoo is based on NLP - which means we make it our business to help people to find the information they're looking for, exactly when they need it. Our goal was to create an analytics system that puts the user in the center and provides an experience indistinguishable from magic.

Good CX = Happy Customers = More Revenue

With ChatGPT, CX is now front and center for most software companies. What does this mean for you? Customers are just getting used to things becoming easier and more frictionless - so software that is complicated to use will naturally get left behind the competition.

Software companies, especially CRMs could benefit greatly from embedding NLP into their software to better understand customer needs and of course, to improve their customer experience. NLP can help companies quickly and accurately respond to customer queries, extract useful data from customer conversations, and accurately segment customers for targeted customer service efforts. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction, increased loyalty and retention, and ultimately a stronger bottom line.

What This Looks Like in Action

A common problem in the insurance sector is upselling or cross-selling to customers when it comes to policy renewals. Usually this means that insurance agents have to request a huge report from their data team and can't actually pull this out from their CRM. And if they really want to personalize it, they need to request several additional fields ( this also means several rounds of back and forth). So, most sales agents don't really go to all the trouble. This means customers don't get a super targeted experience.

But this is easily solved if these agents can use the CRM like they use ChatGPT - perform a quick search and they have their list in seconds. At Baloise insurance, Veezoo enables users to do exactly that. Basically, insurance agents can now directly ask Veezoo questions around upcoming renewals, customer details and more, leading to them being able to create targeted offerings that are likely to resonate better leading to more conversions.

But let's be clear, an embedded NLP solution like Veezoo is different from ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a general NLP technology, impressive for what can be built on top of it, but not something you would just give to your users so they can query your database freely.

ChatGPT does not know about terms and items that are specific to your software or your users, such as customers, deals and products. This means that it will not be able to answer simple questions such as "Show me deals from John Doe", which is something an embedded solution can offer.

All in all, NLQ technology is a valuable tool for software companies looking to enhance their product offerings, automate routine tasks, and provide a better customer experience. This can free up time and resources that can be better spent on more strategic initiatives, while also improving the accuracy and of course, productivity.

Veezoo can be integrated into your software and can provide all the UX elements of a user-friendly NLQ experience, enabling a better user experience and of course better engagement metrics for your software. Don't hesitate to reach out, your Free Access to Veezoo is Waiting! Sign up today!

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