How to Perform a Content Audit


Absolutely no CEO on this planet would dream of leaving their organisation’s financial activity untracked. How the hell could there be any chance of survival let alone success if they did.

Oh, and there’s the Tax Man - he demands it too. A thorough financial audit happens at least once a year. But audits don’t have to be restricted to the finance department.

The principles of tracking, investigating and organising can be applied to pretty much every activity within a company. And content shouldn’t be treated any differently.

After all your content is an asset. A serious asset. It’s your story. Your brand. Your message. Your tone of voice. Your bridge to your customers and potential customers. And assets need to be analysed, scrutinised, inventoried and nurtured to make sure they work hard and provide a healthy return.

Sounds a little daunting? Sure. But there are some very worthwhile benefits.

Want more like this?

Want more like this?

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