How Do I find Music for Ads

How Do I find Music for Ads

If you need expert advice on where to find music for adverts, then you have come to the right place!

It’s hard to pinpoint what makes a piece of music appropriate for advertising, as every televisionradiopodcast and social media commercial is completely different from the next, and each has its own intentions. While a ad might aim to make you laugh to ensure you remember their service, a John Lewis ad is aimed at making you cry, thereby encouraging you to establish an emotional connection with their brand. A Coca-Cola ad may use lust in the hope that it leads to a desire for a cool can of Coke (Zero, usually, these days) whilst a McDonald’s ad may use nostalgia to remind you of good memories spent in their restaurants. There are endless possibilities.

As illustrated above, music for ads is an umbrella term encompassing all different kinds of musical styles, as long as the music is captivating but doesn’t distract from the essential purpose of the commercial. It’s also best that it’s unlike music used in any other commercial to ensure your ad will stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to find out where to find such music, why music matters in adverts and a whole lot more. Alternatively, we invite you to work through our list of the best advertisements.

Music For Adverts

  • Where to Get Music For Adverts
  • Best Advert Music Playlists
  • Why Music Matters In Adverts
  • How Audio Network’s Music Library Works
  • How to License Music For Adverts: Audio Network’s Licensing Model

Where To Get Music For Adverts

Our catalogue of production music tracks contains all of the music for advertising you could possibly dream of. Each track is of the highest quality and has been produced by world-leading composers and artists, which is why thousands – including some industry giants – already rely on our offerings. You can start your Audio Network journey by exploring our discover and playlists pages. Or you could simply look below at our selection of the best playlists for advertising.

Audio Network's Advert Music Playlists


From Nike ads to Super Bowl ads, sports ads are everywhere, which makes sense considering that sports play such a huge role in the lives of millions worldwide. No matter whether the ad you're creating is centred around sports trainers, sports fragrances, sports games or sporting events, we’ve got the perfect track for you in our sports anthems playlist.

Recommendation: See Yuh Sweat’ by Marc Jackson Burrows is everything. The ultimate sports track, this hectic, ragga trap song provides the listener with a kick of energy and a dash of competitive spirit.


In the past, corporate ads were the dullest thing on our small screens, but firms are slowly but surely learning that it’s beneficial to make your ad as memorable as possible. One of the best ways to entice audience members in a way that keeps things professional is by using tracks from our corporate playlist.

Recommendation: Although hip hop may not be the genre you typically associate with the corporate world, George Georgia’s ‘Blunted’ makes a case for the use of hip hop music in corporate ads. The hazy, laid-back beat of the song is different enough to inject some life into a corporate ad, yet familiar enough to blend into the background.


Fashion is about individuality and making an impact, meaning that the music that aids the visuals of a fashion commercial has to be remarkable. And like any fashionable catalogue, ours has range – within our fashion playlist, there are chic French beats, catwalk-ready compositions, glamorous grooves and more.

Recommendation: Powell, Trower and Elder’s ‘We Are Beautiful’ is a bouncy pop song led by a raspy female vocalist and tropical bass. It’s music that’s ideal for complementing any summertime fashion ad, regardless of the garments in focus.


Beauty is a big moneymaker, and it’s a sector that’s set to continue expanding. Naturally, the demand means that it’s hard to switch on the television – or make it through a YouTube video – without being told about the latest beauty products available. The best of the bunch employ songs that sound like those in our beauty playlist.

Recommendation: Beauty is about experimentation, empowerment and fun, and so is ‘Meu Menino’ by Rodrigues Junior, Lopes Rodrigues, Love and Browning. The Brazilian drum‘n’bass love song is a festival of colour and Latin inspirations, making it ideal for beauty brands looking to pop.


Travel ads tend to be effective as we’re all constantly thinking about our next trip away. And sometimes, seeing that exotic beach or enchanting city on our screens is just the thing we needed to see to push us to book our next trip. Usually, it helps if there’s an enticing travel-inspired track thrown into the mix (something like the ones you can discover in our travel playlist).

Recommendation: Michael Tedstone’s ‘Moonlight Garden’ is an invite into a tranquil oriental garden. The Chinese-inspired song touches the soul with its love-infused flutes, strings and percussion.

Why Music Matters In Adverts

The first couple of seconds of an advertisement is a make-or-break moment: will the viewer decide to pay attention to the commercial or will they do anything and everything to distract themselves whilst the ad plays out? One of the factors that can influence a viewer’s decision is enchanting music.

Think about it: a song that piques your interest can make you care about an advert, no matter what it’s promoting. Rebecca Ferguson’s ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ made a Nescafé Gold ad a hit,‘Eliza Aria’ from the ballet Wild Swans (performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra) reminded the whole nation that Lloyds TSB existed, and Take That’s ‘Shine’ made Morrison’s carrier bags an ubiquitous accessory.

Check out our article on The Power of Music to find out more.

How Audio Network’s Music Library Works

Audio Network is trusted by brands – from Shell to FIFA, Nike to Vodafone – and singular creatives worldwide who work on creative projects such as television and social media commercials. They work their way through our catalogue, sample our tracks and add them to the ‘My Projects’ feature in their account. Once they’re set on the track, they can purchase the song – along with a licence for use in their project – and proceed to download it to their desktop. It really is that simple.

Time and time again, Audio Network account holders return to continue making the most of our offerings as we’ve got both quantity and quality. And to keep up to date with the latest tracks added to our catalogue, they visit our regularly-updated latest albums page.

How to Licence Music For Adverts: Audio Network’s Licencing Model

The complexities of music licensing can make many content creators anxious, but here at Audio Network we’re doing everything in our power to prove that music licensing can be straightforward.

There are single track licences available for producers, businesses and everyday creatives (you know, your vloggers and podcasters etc…). There is also a range of licensing subscriptions available to our corporate, advertising and TV programming clients, all of which come packaged with account management support and full catalogue access.

Find out more about our music licensing options and contact us for custom pricing.

Alternatively, watch our handy guide:

The Edit

Adverts require fresh music – songs never heard in advertising before that are sure to grab the attention of contemporary audiences. The best way to keep up with the latest tracks made available in our catalogue is by visiting The Edit.

Check out our latest releases, updated every 2 weeks, and visit our YouTube channel for exclusive content and the best musical inspiration for your projects.

Need Music for Your Project?

At Audio Network we create original music, of the highest quality, for broadcastersbrandscreatorsagencies and music fans everywhere. Through clear and simple licensing, we can offer you a huge variety of the best quality music across every conceivable mood and genre. Find out how we can connect you with the perfect collaborator today by clicking the button below!


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