How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Platform


A content marketing platform is a hub for planning, creating, publishing, distributing and analysing content. It's a software solution that helps marketers drive awareness, leads and ultimately revenue. And it should work with all content formats, including video, audio, HTML, etc.

Content marketers are through necessity becoming a digitally savvy breed and are increasingly used to adding tech solutions upon tech solutions to their marketing stack.

However successfully accruing data and insight from so many different sources is fast becoming a job in its own right.

The ability to purchase a one stop shop content marketing platform that does absolutely everything that is required would surely be a dream come true. But the reality is that no such wonder tool exists (yet).

Content marketers subsequently need to think carefully about which platform they intend to predominantly use and then how they will go about collating and incorporating additional data from other tools if required.

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Want more like this?

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