Feed-Based Campaigning: The Secret to Boosting Your Performance

Feed-Based Campaigning: The Secret to Boosting Your Performance

Does your product relevancy change as quickly as the weather or with every “TikTok made me buy it” video? Is your end of year campaign pressure already giving you a headache in August? Do you want to create audience-based ads at scale? Or do you want media buying processes to be as dynamic as your pricing? 

If your answer is “yes!” to most of these questions, feed-based campaigning might be your lifesaver. By incorporating feeds, you can increase your agility and truly target your audience. 

But first.. What actually is a “feed”? 

Basically, a feed is a stream of content t hat appears in blocks and repeats one after the other, like an Excel sheet. In advertising, these feeds often hold data about product specs, the weather, location, supply and demand, and other relevant data. You can connect these feeds to your campaigns with numerous benefits as a result.

Why are product feeds so important in digital marketing?

Creative asset production and campaign booking can be very time-consuming and expensive when done manually – especially if your campaign volume grows or when you launch in multiple markets.

You can utilise product feeds to:

  1. Manage and automate dynamic always-on ads from end-to-end and edit post production where needed

  2. Integrate a creative optimisation setup

  3. Pause, remove, and push campaigns without touching a button

  4. Create better-performing ads with relevant data

  5. Launch location-based ads

How will feed-based campaigning benefit me?

With so many product ads and its accompanying specs and targeting, advertisers have to deal with time-consuming ad creation, activation processes and handovers. With feeds, you can automate your campaigns that run 365 days a year and implement real-time campaign changes without touching a button. Already a major timesaver!

But there is more.. Over 70% of time is currently spent on repetitive tasks such as creative versioning and last minute manual copy or product changes to hundreds of creatives. Feeds can automate this process end-to-end and will give you loads of time to learn from your campaign results and optimise them. Get rid of inefficiencies and get your campaign live in days instead of months. 

Will feed-based campaigning increase my ROAS?

Yes! In addition to the previously mentioned benefits regarding time, manual errors and creative versioning, feeds can also boost your actual ad performance. Feed-based ads are super relevant, hyper local and truly effective.

  • Incorporate real-time data into your ads, such as the weather or time-of-day, and hit the mark every time. Create truly audience-based ads by using contextual data that is available at your fingertips. Look outside! When the weather changes, so does your ad.

  • If you have physical stores, specific catchment or service areas or if you simply operate in different countries, then it’s 100% certain that your marketing need is not the same for all locations. Hyper-localise your marketing setup with feeds, from creative production, to campaign management and even targeting. You can manage nation-or worldwide campaigns with local agility without touching a button. The ads will be specifically targeted to customers based on their proximity to the branch or interest in the product.

  • Pause, remove, and push campaigns without touching a button. Imagine that you’re creating ads for an airline. Automatically pause the flights to Barcelona that are already high in demand, or to Florida when there is a hurricane present. Or the other way around, push flights when the weather is nice or when flights are under-booked. You can use feeds to automatically push or pause a campaign, depending on real-time location and consumer data.

Feed-based campaigning can help you automate your campaigns, create hyper-local ads, and improve your ROI. Contact Cape today to learn more!

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