Campaign Manager 6.0

Bob Hale
Alterian PLC

I’m pleased to announce that, in our first major product launch since reemerging on the market last November, Alterian has just released Campaign Manager 6.0. This new Adaptive Customer Experience™ platform allows marketers to operate with breakthrough speed and behavioral insights within a single marketing system.

We are constantly working to design a better experience for digital marketers to compete and win in the omnichannel world; Campaign Manager 6.0 will simplify our clients’ user experience while giving them new levels of power to visualize, identify, and connect with customers for more valuable—and valued—customer relationships.


Campaign Manager 6.0 introduces two new features to equip you with a better understanding of customer interaction with your brand: Campaign Designer and Segment Builder.

Campaign Designer

Campaign Designer provides Alterian’s Adaptive Marketers™ with the ability to design, build, and execute campaigns within a guided user experience, resulting in higher productivity and better understanding of campaign flow. You can build multiple campaign types using timer, event, variable, and channel elements to create phased, inbound, and outbound triggered campaigns that deliver highly personalized marketing communications. This level of attentiveness and customization can make all the difference when reaching out to individuals.

Segment Builder

With Segment Builder, marketers can create, execute, and save segments with unprecedented speed of access to data using the new Record Viewer. You have access to all the latest data, giving you the ability to optimize segments with detailed inclusion and exclusion rules and create master segments for global reuse. In addition, you can see your customer counts in seconds as you build and refine these audience segments. When you’re able to make informed decisions about messaging by combining historical behavioral (slow) data with in-the-moment contextual and touchpoint (fast) data, you can truly Market to the Opportunity™ with each and every customer.

Campaign Manager takes automation to a whole new level, allowing you to constantly improve your customer experience. It enables you to centralize, refine, and act upon your consumer data to produce consistent and relevant messaging across multiple simultaneous campaigns. Now, I haven’t met a marketer yet who isn’t excited about that possibility.


Get in touch today to learn more about how Campaign Manager 6.0 can give you a competitive edge and help you effortlessly retain customers by providing an Adaptive Customer Experience™.

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