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The Attest Brand Index is a platform agnostic measure of a brand’s total brand equity in the alcohol sector, as determined by real consumers.

What do we mean by ‘platform agnostic’? We mean the results are not influenced by any particular method of obtaining them, such as looking only at social media mentions, or brand search terms. This reduces bias and provides a much more accurate view of a brand’s strength in any given category.

Learn more about why Attest believe this is the best methodology for Brand Intelligence in Brand Intelligence in the Age of Dark Social and Bad Data.

To determine the Alcohol Brand Index, we look at three things.

  1. Percentage of unprompted brand recall within a named category e.g. ‘Technology’ ‘Fashion’ or ‘Entertainment’
  2. How likely a person is to purchase your particular brand (purchase intent)
  3. How likely a person is to recommend your brand (net promoter score)

Our data is gathered every quarter from an online survey sent to a nationally representative panel of 1,000 UK consumers aged 18-65.

Top 21 Alcohol Brand Leaders by Total Brand Equity:

  1. Smirnoff
  2. Jack Daniel'
  3. Gordon's
  4. Budweiser
  5. Fosters
  6. Bacardi
  7. Carling
  8. Malibu
  9. Baileys
  10. Stella Artois
  11. Guinness
  12. Kopparberg
  13. Absolut
  14. Ciroc
  15. WKD
  16. Heineken
  17. Strongbow
  18. Disaronno
  19. Grey Goose
  20. Carlsberg

Key Findings

117 different brands were named, down from 156 brands in Q1, and significantly down from the 192 brands named in Q4 of 2017.

A brand had to have 1% of unprompted brand recall to be in the Top 20 brands, and 2.2% to be in the Top 10.

In the Top 20 brands mapped in the Alcohol Brand Index, the average brand strength score is remarkably steady, at 91.25 compared to last quarter’s average of 90.69. Disaronno loses its crown to Gordon’s who had the strongest with 153.57. At the other end of the scale, Carlsberg comes in last with the weakest score, 21.43.

Looking at the Top 20 brands, the average Total Brand Equity score is up from 230.95 to 272.00. Smirnoff wins for the third quarter in a row, with an increased score of 1040.00, from 980.00 in Q1.

The overall Alcohol Industry Net Promoter Score has risen for a second quarter running, from 32.1% in Q4 of 2017, to 35.3% in Q1 of 2018, and now 38.5%.

Here is how people described the alcohol brands that came top of mind during unprompted brand recall:

This report is based on a nationally representative survey of 1000 people in the UK (aged 18+), surveyed between 25th May 2018 - 29th May 2018.

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