Kill The Chaos of Campaign Management

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Whether your expertise is campaign awareness, creative, digital or demand generation marketing, you’ve lived the chaos and insanity of trying to manage and support successful campaigns - all while telling yourself next time will be different. Next time you’re going to do a better job planning. Next time prioritisation will be clear with reasonable timelines. Next time you’ll be successful at rallying the team to work collaboratively. Next time tracking and measurement won’t be such a nightmare.

It’s time to eliminate the chaos and say goodbye to "next time."

Join Bryan Nielson, AtTask CMO, to learn how to:

  • Standardise the requests and work coming from every corner of the organisation
  • Prioritise what and when work should get done and understand when to say no
  • Plan realistic timelines and understand the scope as it relates to the bigger picture
  • Coordinate with key stakeholders and give them autonomy to do their best work
  • Streamline repeatable execution and learn from mistakes to improve inefficiencies
  • Deliver based on the initial plan and scope
  • Measure and communicate results without spending hours compiling data

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn actionable best practices you can use to eliminate the unnecessary chaos of managing and supporting successful campaigns.

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