Using Data to Engage Customers


To interact with customers cross-channel, it's essential to access and manage your data effectively. Find out why 1st party data is so powerful, although not without it's limitations.

This video is a clip from "Global Mobile Trends - How to reach, influence & convert in-the-moment customers" - watch the webcast on-demand.

We're going to focus first on creating cross-channel audiences and show that this is really about data.

Once you have data that you can see and access, it generally breaks down into these three types...

So, we have 1st party data and 3rd party data - which are reasonably well known. The way we define 1st party data is "any data that comes when a user engages with your brand". Now that can mean they've seen an advert and they've clicked through on it, or they've visited your site through a paid search link, or they've come by on an affiliate. Wherever they're interacting with your brand or, if they've visited your website, you're holding and collecting very powerful 1st party data off the back of it. This data is limited but it's very powerful.

3rd party data is also reasonably well known, so this is normally accessed with 3rd party data vendors, where they might be aggregating people who they believe have got interest in, say, sports.

There's also 2nd party data; so, this data comes from either websites, or marketers who have a very similar audience to yours, where you can potentially share.