YouGov Global Banking & Finance Report 2021

White Paper
YouGov Global Banking & Finance Report 2021, Front Cover Thumbnail - stacked coins

It has become conventional wisdom that COVID-19 is “changing finance”.

The statement is both undeniably true and somehow insufficient: while global economies have seen job losses and a substantial decline in consumer activity, coronavirus may have simply accelerated trends that existed before. Keeping up with the pace of this change means adapting to changing preferences, behaviors, and expectations in each global market.

This report uses deep-dive custom research in tandem with syndicated data from YouGov Plan & Track. It offers a high-level overview of financial attitudes, preferences and habits in 17 global markets. The report encompasses payments, investment, ethics in banking, marketing, and more, with a view to providing a benchmark for future annual reports.

The report will also touch on how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting financial services across these markets.