Strategic Playbook for Data-Driven Agencies, Part One

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Welcome to part one of Adverity’s Strategic Playbook for Data-Driven Advertising Agencies. This will be a three-part guide for advertising agencies looking to modernise their business model and by leveraging data to the fullest.

In this first instalment, we'll be covering the end-to-end data integration process. In layman's terms, this describes the process by which agencies acquire all kinds of data from different marketing tools, harmonise these datasets into a consistent format and then use advanced analytics tools to uncover unique and compelling insights into campaigns and wider marketing performance.

In part two, we'll cover the reasons why we believe agencies should embrace the power of modern marketing intelligence and have provided some practical advice for doing so. This will ultimately serve as a catalyst for making quicker and better-informed decisions to maximise your return on ad spend - helping to foster strong and successful relationships between your agency and its clients.

The third and final part of this e-book will make a series of future predictions that data-driven marketers can expect from the industry. By anticipating these changes, agencies will be better placed to rise to these new challenges if and when they occur.

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