Lead discovery through New Trending Queries & Broad Match

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Uncover new audiences and meet your lead generation goals. Learn from Bing Ads research how to capture 73% of new trending queries by using Broad Match and Broad Match Modified. Check out this installment of The Art of Advertiser Science eBook series to help you:

  • Discover how to connect with new audiences every two weeks.
  • Learn how to leverage New Trending Queries to drive lead generation.
  • Strategise with broad match and broad match modified to support your business goals.

Download the eBook today and let New Trending Queries help you find new leads, get a jump on the competition and evaluate the market for new products or features.

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New Trending Queries analysis

In this eBook we’re talking about emerging or New Trending Queries. Trending Queries are themselves nothing unusual; your keyword lists are likely built around known Trending Queries for your product or service.

New Trending Queries are keywords being used in your vertical that haven’t been seen before, but which could provide new bidding opportunities.

Two ways to identify New Trending Queries

  1. Trending Queries Dashboard
  2. Broad Match Power Plays

Types of matches

Broad Match

Broad Match triggers the display of your ad when any word in your keyword, in any order, or words related to your keyword appear in a query or other input.

Broad Match modifier

Broad Match modifier gives you the ability to fine-tune or restrict how liberally Bing Ads matches closely related Broad Match terms.

Phrase Match

Phrase Match triggers your ad when all of the words in your keyword match the words in a user’s search query, in exactly the same order, even if other words are present in the search term.

Exact Match

Exact Match triggers your ad when the exact words in your keyword appear in a customer’s search query, in exactly the same order.

Negative Match

Sometimes Broad Match can be a little... broad. Negative keywords help your ads show only on terms that make sense.

Viewing match types in Bing Ads

Whether you are viewing all keywords for all campaigns, or specific keywords in an ad group, match types are visible under the keywords tab in the campaigns page.

In Bing Ads, you can view keyword match types in one of two ways.

  1. Viewing keywords for a specific ad group
  2. All keywords for all campaigns

Search term report

The search term report shows which searches are triggering your ads and the keywords the searches matched to in your account.

How to use the search term report

  • Add irrelevant searches as negative keywords to decrease wasted spend and impressions.
  • Find searches with high potential and add them to your keyword list.
  • Use current cost-per-click to determine initial bids when adding new keywords.
  • Conclusion

    The Art of Advertiser Science series from Bing Ads brings you deep insights, creative methodologies, and powerful tools that you can put to use right away.

    So join us on a journey filled with insightful data, complex concepts, tough questions and new discoveries that empower you and your business to grow.

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