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If you’re marketing through a fragmented application landscape using disconnected customer data silos, you’re marketing with your hands tied behind your back.

IdentityLink changes all that. And it represents an enormous opportunity for the data-driven marketer who wants cross-channel to be more than a hollow buzzword.

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This is about overcoming fragmentation

If you only sold to a few hundred local people from one shop in a single street, all your knowledge about your customers would be in one place.

And you’d look smart whenever a customer walked in.

But that's not your world.

In a market of millions

You market to millions of people in hundreds of places

On your own website, all across the web, on the phone, through email, in stores, on mobile apps and social media sites. Your campaigns can include many flavours of digital, TV, radio, print, events and outdoor.

And that's just the start of the complexity.

Each of these channels require their own tools

There are digital ad networks, retargeting platforms, personalisation tools, search, social, video, mobile, display and addressable TV platforms.

From CRM to email service providers to analytics stacks and on and on and on.

That's complexity multiplied by complexity.

And here's the thing:

Each one of these channels and systems and platforms and tools consumes and generates data.

Each silo ‘knows’ important things about each of your customers and prospects.

But they can’t talk to each other. They’re all speaking different languages.

On average, enterprise marketers today are leveraging upwards of a dozen distinct toolsets (Winterberry Group, 2015)

Silos make you silly

Because your marketing channels and apps and platforms don’t share data, you can’t tie all your activity back to the same, real people.

And without that ability to resolve identities:

  • You can't see whole customer journeys
  • You can't measure your marketing accurately
  • You can't tell which investment worked
  • You can't market consistently across channels
  • You can't seize opportunities that are sitting right in front of you

IdentityLink: connecting the dots

IdentityLink is a simple but hugely powerful way to connect your data silos so you can act on everything you know about your customers and prospects.

It lets you connect all your data back to real people.

IdentityLinks: how it works

IdentityLink is an identity resolution service that does these things:

  • Resolves all your data across channels and devices to a single customer
  • Augments what you know with what other people know
  • Activates your knowledge anywhere and everywhere
  • Captures and optimises based on every type of feedback

It sounds simple, but the mechanics are pretty intense – and the implications are enormous.

Once you recognise your customers, you can do amazing things

For the first time, you can target the real people in your audience segments, across channels and devices:

  • So you can generate lift by reaching consumers with consistent messages
  • You can increase conversions by delivering more relevant messages to each audience segment.
  • And you can increase efficiency by optimising online campaigns to drive offline sales

The list of how digital marketers use IdentityLink goes on and on.

But you can put most of the use cases into three big buckets:

  • Measurement
  • Targeting
  • Personalisation

Let’s look at a quick example of each use case.

IdentityLink for measuring your marketing

Digital marketers can track some online ads and activities through to purchases online.

But more than 90% of US retail sales take place offline, in stores or on the phone. And that kind of activity plays havoc with your attribution models.

IdentityLink connects data from your purchasing systems to the marketing applications you use for online advertising and attribution.

The result: you can see whether the people who just bought products in your stores were recently exposed to ads on search, display or any other digital channel.

That’s not just cool. It’s hugely important. (And cool)

IdentityLink for attribution

Identity resolution helps you get credit for all those offline revenues and enables you to see which digital activities best drive offline sales.

Case in point: an uplifting experience for a yoghurt brand

A yoghurt brand ran an A/B test for a recent digital campaign. In test A, they retargeted viewers of their recent TV ads. In test B, the brand targeted a segment of their CRM by onboarding sales data of previous purchase history.

Tests showed a 26% lift in sales for the resolved list demonstrating it was more effective at driving in-store sales.

The yogurt brand worked with Dunnhumby to develop their target list, which was resolved by LiveRamp. LiveRamp then anonymised the list and delivered to Videology.

Now on to Targeting...

IdentityLink for targeting your segments

Your CRM database is packed with insights about your customers. But until now you couldn’t connect that insight to your digital marketing.

IdentityLink connects your CRM data to your digital marketing applications so you can act on what you know.

That means you can do powerful things like:

  • CRM Retargeting – target current customers wherever they are online, based on their purchase and interaction histories. That drives conversion rates.
  • Audience Suppression – remove existing customers from, for instance, your new customer acquisition campaigns. That drives down costs.
  • Look-Alike Modelling – reach more customers who resemble your best customers. That extends your reach and performance.

IdentityLink enables smarter targeting

IdentityLink lets you reach audience segments with highly relevant messages everywhere – not just when people log in to your website.

Case in point: bank finds look-alikes

A large bank worked with a data owner to find more people who shared similar attributes to their best customers.

Campaigns to this segment saw an increase of 150% in new account signups compared to a control group.

Just by targeting more intelligently.

The national bank resolved identities in 3rd party data from Datamyx to LiveRamp. We delivered the audience segments to Collective who ran the programmatic campaign.

Now on to personalisation,,,

IdentityLink for personalisation

In marketing, you guarantee mediocre performance by treating everyone the same. That’s why you’re using website optimisation tools and dynamic creative platforms.

But tools that enable personalisation can only optimise content for consumers they recognise.

IdentityLink connects your personalisation applications to the same segments you’ve defined in your CRM.

And it keys these optimised experiences off of anonymous devices, so you can optimise messages and offers even when people haven’t logged in to your site.

(We know: Wow, right?)

Case in point: Big Box, big boost

With IdentityLink, a Big Box Retailer discovered that online ads were far more effective in driving in-store sales than they’d ever imagined.

They shifted more budget to digital, then optimised their website and display ad content for different audiences and saw:

  • A 40% boost in in-store conversion rates
  • A 35% reduction in cost per acquisition
  • A 30% increase in advertising ROI
  • The retailer used LiveRamp to integrate Adaptive Audience, Adometry, Exelate, and Turn

Conclusion: IdentityLink is dynamite

Okay, our five minutes are up.

We promised to let you go once we'd showed you what a big deal IdentityLink is.

If you only take one thought away, please take this:

  • Data fragmentation cripples your digital marketing.
  • IdentityLink is an incredibly easy way to tie all your marketing back to real people.

And that means your marketing will be smarter, better targeted, more efficient and more effective.

And that's way too important to ignore.

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