Earning Loyalty with Personalisation, Video & Great Storytelling

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Customer Loyalty

In our digital, multichannel and competitive world, the invasion of product and service commoditization and lack of differentiation have left customers with an abundance of brand choice.

More choice means more control. Your customers know what they want, when, where and how. So how can you capture their busy minds and emotionally connect them to your brand for increased engagement and retention? Discover the loyalty benefits of Personalized Video for your brand, including how to:

  • Engage & Connect
  • Track. Measure. Optimize.
  • Personalise Your Communication
  • Stand Out with Visual Storytelling

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The Challenges

  1. How can you communicate to your customers that you personally know them and care about them in the digital world?
  2. How can you make your customer experience stand out and emotionally connect your customers to your brand for increased customer retention?
  3. How can you establish differentiation for your brand and products to rise above the competition?
  4. How can you cut though the noise and stand out with powerful communication that won’t be ignored?

The Solution - Personalized Video Customer Engagement Programs

1. Engage & Connect

In 2015's multichannel and dynamic environment, adopting an omnichannel and personal approach is crucial. Interact with your customers across all digital channels and at every touch-point to prevent them jumping ship. Develop a customer-centric strategy that includes: direct and social communication. Put your customers at the forefront. Acknowledge what matters to them and make their special moment count. Empower your customers, let them express their ideas. Offer a full suite of online services, including mobile apps, encourage conversations on social channels and reward cooperative participants.

FIGURE 1: an evolved customer retention strategy needs to cover all the customer lifecycle bases – so communication happens at every touch point.

2. Track. Measure. Optimize.

Tracking your customers' digital footprints will give you a better understanding of who they are as individuals, their interests and optimal ways to target them. Incorporating routine customer feedback surveys will inform you exactly what customers think about your brand, what they want from your brand, and where, how and when they want to be served. Constantly track Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). These insightful metrics drive the need to carry out the right processes and build an organizational culture that puts the customer first. Based on customer feedback you’ll also be able to segment your customer base and serve each customer segment according to its specific needs and preferences -personalization and relevancy is the key to customer loyalty and retention.

3. Personalizing Your Communication

The key to capturing a piece of your customers' busy mind is through personalized communication. By addressing your customers with relevant content that's especially tailored for them, you can meet their expectations and even exceed their needs without stealing an ounce of their precious time. Seth Godin said "people spend their time and attention and money in places that make them feel valued." This still rings true today. Your customer communication needs to make your customers feel valued if you want them to remain loyal.

4. Stand Out with Visual Storytelling

The best kind of storytelling is visual and personal. It puts the customer right in the spotlight. A story that combines stunning visuals, a creative approach, 1:1 communucation delivered through a personalized video will ensure your brand's message cuts through the noise to engage with your customers. By crafting a video story with content that's bespoke to each of your customers you’ll reach the highest levels of customer engagement – email-open-rate, click-through-rate, conversion and satisfaction.

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