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Customer marketing is changing radically, to say the least. The increasing influence of new media, social, mobile, and digital technologies is reshaping marketing practices and creating new opportunities to engage with consumers. But every day, you face petabytes of customer data that complicate your ability to attract, engage, convert, and retain increasingly diverse audiences. Without the right solutions in place, it’s difficult to translate more information into higher revenue. The key element is not the data itself, but the ability to understand it.

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One of the biggest challenges for marketers today is the ability to attract and engage customers across multiple channels and capitalize on opportunities to generate true value from marketing programs. Another hurdle is understanding attribution and return so that you can balance and appropriately optimize your marketing spend. The capability to analyze results can be very challenging for most CMOs and marketers, particularly when you consider how difficult it is to achieve even a mediocre return on investment across multiple print, digital, and emerging channels. Business success requires you to optimize your marketing strategies and plans.

Increase marketing performance in the human information era

The HP Marketing Optimization suite from HP Autonomy provides an integrated and modular portfolio that enables you to attract, engage, convert, and retain customers in real time. The suite leverages HP’s advanced research and innovative technologies, such as HP IDOL and HP Vertica, which automatically recognize and analyze metadata, patterns concepts, behaviors, and ideas in structured data and unstructured human information. HP Marketing Optimization is uniquely capable of enabling you to deliver highly contextualized, multichannel experiences that result in increased customer engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Take a meaning-based, multichannel approach

The premise is as fundamental as marketing itself: The more you know about your customers, the more effectively you can serve them. Our meaning-based HP Marketing Optimization suite enables you to make this happen. Underlying the suite, innovative HP IDOL technology identifies patterns that naturally occur in text, audio, and video and extracts the meaning from every interaction you have with your customers—even those in human-friendly formats like web pages, social content, phone call recordings, photos, and video.

Meaning-based, multichannel capabilities allow you to easily link channels, such as the contact center and the web, to form a comprehensive view of the customer while providing experiences that are consistent and integrated. You can easily manage and share rich media and video assets across multiple marketing and customer experience initiatives. Use analysis from one channel to deliver an optimized experience within another—assuring cohesive, meaningful customer interactions. A proven solution, the HP Marketing Optimization suite is at work every day helping some of the world’s largest organizations deliver results across every facet of the marketing spectrum.

Detect and act on opportunities in real time with an executive dashboard

HP’s innovative Executive Scorecard for Information Technology professionals has been extended to meet your needs as a marketer. The scorecard offers a cloud-based dashboard to track multiple key performance indicators (KPIs), including customer satisfaction, lead conversion, online advertising effectiveness, social impact, and SEO ranking. HP offers this as a consulting service that leverages best practices, methodology, and software.

Engage customers with a multichannel, interactive platform

Studies reveal that customer experience is the single largest influencer on buying decisions, which means it’s time to shift the focus from just features and price to providing a differentiating experience. Today’s customers expect to do business where and when it is convenient for them, and this makes the one-size-fits-all experience obsolete. It isn’t enough to deploy numerous technologies across different channels and devices; today’s customers demand a seamless, consistent level of service.

The HP Marketing Optimization suite provides customer experience management capabilities that enable you to manage the consistent delivery of dynamic, targeted, and personalized content, as well as offers, products, and interactions across all customer-facing channels. Now, you can control the consistency of your brand across websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, augmented reality, print, and contact centers. HP Marketing Optimization helps you create optimized customer experiences across channels by enabling you to:

  • Provide real-time, targeted content and navigation to your customers so they don’t have to spend hours on your website or on the phone with an agent to find what they need
  • Correlate website content with activity within social networks in near real time. For example, within minutes of launching a product or initiating a campaign, you can present associated activity and emerging trends within social networks.
  • Integrate social media content, rich media, and augmented reality to enrich customer interactions
  • Create and deploy personalized communications that are consistent across print electronic channels.
  • Arm your call center agents with an arsenal of information that includes targeted scripts, recommendations, knowledgebase articles, documents, and relevant links.

HP TeamSite optimizes customer web and mobile experiences

Providing powerful web content management capabilities to present engaging experiences across the web, email, mobile, and print, HP TeamSite enables you to:

  • Easily build sites without IT involvement, using a simple WYSIWYG interface
  • Benefit from deep integration with HP Marketing Optimization analytics to capture and analyze customer intelligence in real time so you can quickly and effectively deliver compelling, personalized content
  • Optimize the visitor experience by capturing and analyzing all customer interaction data, including clickstreams, social media, and online behavior
  • Deliver targeted content and site navigation to key customer segments
  • Manage the entire customer shopping experience using a single platform, through our integration with multichannel commerce solutions such as hybris software (a SAP company) and Digital River
  • Administer all online marketing initiatives from a single interface—author and target content, design websites, deploy applications, publish content to multiple channels, perform analytics, manage rich media, incorporate social media, and conduct multivariate testing

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HP MediaBin delivers engaging rich media content

Also deeply integrated within HP Marketing Optimization, our rich media management solution helps you create innovative rich media campaigns. HP MediaBin’s advanced rich media capabilities automatically tag and organize product images, offers, promotions, video demonstrations, ads, and other digital assets in a single repository for ease of retrieval. This means you can reduce costs by automating the production and distribution of media content that is properly branded and approved.

Aurasma enables augmented reality to transform the way you reach customers

HP Marketing Optimization makes it possible for you to take advantage of the groundbreaking capabilities of Aurasma—an augmented reality technology that lets you present dynamic, personalized experiences in the mobile channel. Aurasma empowers smartphones to augment the device’s view of the world with rich interactive digital content such as videos, 3D animations, and games. For example, billboard advertising for a movie can launch the movie’s trailer, or products on shelves can recommend related items. Interactions with print, products, and direct mail can become digital, and therefore measurable, allowing you to understand “off-line” engagement and optimize your marketing activities accordingly. With over 10,000 partners and four million downloads to date, Aurasma is helping leading brands engage with their fans and customers in a highly engaging, interactive manner.

HP Qfiniti empowers understanding and measurement of contact center interactions

The powerful contact center management capabilities of HP Qfiniti allow supervisors to understand measure, improve, and track performance—managing all contact center data through a centralized system. Call logging and intelligent archiving support your compliance and quality monitoring strategies. Your users can monitor a wide range of metrics such as customer satisfaction levels, first-call resolution, handle times, and effective scheduling—all from a single interface. Tools such as performance assessments, workforce management, and real-time agent assistance allow you to improve agent performance, first-contact resolution, up-sell/cross-sell, and customer satisfaction.

Attract the highest value traffic, and convert customers more effectively

One of the most valuable aspects of online marketing is its ability to track customer activity, because unlike other channels, visitors leave digital footprints. But making proper sense of the petabytes of data, and arriving at the correct conclusion, remains as challenging as ever. Marketers are spending lots of money to attract visitors, but campaign ROI is still very poor, with online conversion for most large websites remaining under 2.5%.

Now you can optimize your marketing offerings. The HP Marketing Optimization suite delivers an end-to-end platform based on data analysis for visitor attraction, conversion optimization, and segmentation to help you turn prospects into customers. You can optimize your marketing spend using insights gained from all customer data, including tweets, blogs, videos, phone calls, clickstreams, and web visits. Capabilities within the suite allow you to:

  • Improve the performance of online advertising campaigns through a comprehensive bid management and optimization system, including sophisticated bidding algorithms for social advertising such as Facebook
  • Test multiple combinations of content, design, layout, pricing, offers, and recommendations and target winning creative to dynamically-discovered segments
  • Identify and proactively deliver the most persuasive content for each segment through automatic segmentation and targeting

HP Optimost targets the right customers with online advertising management

Online advertising, comprised of pay-per-click and natural search, is a proven source of inbound web traffic and lead generation. HP Optimost delivers online advertising management to enable you to use virtually any and all data sources to provide you with superior conceptual keyword recommendations. Marketers can use real-time data sources—social media, customer feedback, web comments, and phone calls to the contact center—to define the best bid strategies and improve elements of the campaign to attract the highest-value audience. The solution helps you determine the most effective bid and match type across all engines and automatically place and refine bids based on performance.

HP Optimost enables the highest conversion rates with effective testing and segmentation

Conversion depends not only on a campaign’s ability to attract the right customer, but also its ability to elicit action on the website. Our multivariate testing solution can test virtually limitless combinations of copy, offers, layouts, and additional factors to help you determine the winning creative across different segments. HP Optimost incorporates a wide range of user and behavior data to automatically detect and target content to new customer segments in real time, resulting in increased revenue by audience.

Take real-time analytics to the next level

As a marketer, understanding the needs of your customers is essential to making informed, data-driven business decisions that improve your ability to retain customers and grasp new opportunities for revenue. But this can be challenging when customers interact across so many channels and in so many ways. They may send a 140-character tweet, post a video on YouTube, phone your call center, fill out a survey, or interact with your website via a mobile device. If you can truly understand and track this multichannel activity, and relate it to what is happening in other channels, you can use this important market intelligence to increase your competitive advantage.

Within HP Marketing Optimization, our real-time analytics empower you to discover insights and seize business opportunities by understanding 100 percent of customer interactions across all marketing channels in real time. Real-time analytics examine customer interaction data the moment the interactions take place so you can immediately act on these insights before they become outdated. You can anticipate your customers’ needs, optimize their experiences across all channels, and monetize interactions to keep your business operating at its full potential.

Real-time analytics capabilities enable you to:

  • Process and understand customer interactions in numerous formats across all touch points and channels, including call center, mobile, email, chat, web, and social media
  • Aggregate data from all social media data sources to automatically identify emerging trends and prevailing sentiments
  • Organize and understand audio data so that you can take advantage of the rich insights in phone conversations

Gain the confidence, insight, and agility to perform better

HP packages its entire software portfolio to meet the needs of customers, recognizing that everyone’s starting place and journey may be different. We’re proud to have a portfolio that is open and flexible, enabling you to run our software in diverse environments—on your infrastructure or in the cloud, easily integrating to your systems and data sources, all while taking advantage of some of the most innovative computer science and mathematics breakthroughs covered by over 2,000 patents and patents pending. Our software portfolio is integrated with real-time engines for actionable intelligence, including Vertica, IDOL, Logger, and Runtime Service Model. In addition, our portfolio is backed by the strength of HP’s Enterprise Services, support, education, and global partners.

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