Data: Extract, Transform & Load - Your Definitive Guide

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Marketing is everywhere, and it affects us all. The data it generates is everywhere too. It lives on various platforms, in large amounts, and is collected through an ever-growing number of tools and applications. And if that weren’t enough, it is also constantly changing.

In other words; data is big, and data is messy.

The International Data Center (IDC) predicts that “by 2025, the global datasphere will grow to 163 zettabytes” or the equivalent of 163 trillion gigabytes. That's ten times more than in 2016.

Which is a lot of data.

For marketers in particular, an exponential increase in data can seem like the challenge of a lifetime. Collecting it, cleaning it, putting it all together and making sense of it to derive business insights is a lot to deal with. Yet, the companies that do master that process will be the ones set themselves apart from the pack. You’d probably want to be one of them.

So, how do you take control of your data and put it to work or you? The answer is ETL. An abbreviation that - unlike many others - rolls off the tongue.

We’ve produced this guide to help you unlock the full potential of your data. It aims to be a valuable resource that will help you in your quest to become a data-driven marketer.

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