DAM and PIM: A Match Made in MarTech

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Marrying authoritative product data with digital assets as they move through the lifecycle towards distribution is an ongoing challenge for many organizations, particularly for large retailers, manufacturers, and consumer product companies. But when producing targeted customer communications, it is key to success.

In DAM and PIM: A Match Made in MarTech, digital asset management expert Theresa Regli explains the ins and outs of product and digital asset data, the importance of its aligned management, as well as the potential benefits which your organization could feel from being able to supply consistent, accurate, and high quality content, such as better personalization, advertising, and promotional opportunities.

In this paper, learn:

  • What exactly product data is in relation to other data types
  • Which organizational benefits can come from the marriage of these data types
  • How best to align your data in one system, including real insight into the success story of Swiss retailer, Migros
  • The unification of data as an important ongoing task for any forward looking MarTech strategy

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