Customer Data Platforms for Dummies

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What would you do if you could access every ounce of your customer data - even data only AI knows about your audience? CDP for Dummies will help you understand how to use technology to power smarter digital relationships and sell to your customers better than ever before.

If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably felt your creative powers being squeezed by shrinking budgets, tighter privacy regulations, and the promised extinction of cookies. Today, you need hyper-relevant insights from accessible, usable data to capture customers and prospects’ attention. Customer data platforms (CDPs) are here to help you find and act on data that was once hidden.

This 64-page, 8 chapter ebook covers everything you need to know about marketing with a CDP. Pushed for time? Jump to the chapters you’re most interested in.

CDP for Dummies will show you how to:

  • Run deeper analysis to create smarter campaigns
  • Build a data powerhouse to outlast third-party cookies
  • Equip wider business units with marketing data
  • Choose the right CDP for your team
  • Comply with tightening regulations

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