The 4 Stages of Personalisation

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We know personalisation can be an effective strategy: Per Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer, 57% of customers are willing to provide their data in exchange for a more personalized experience. The problem is that only 22% of customers are satisfied with the level of personalisation that brands are delivering, per Segment’s 2017 State of Personalization Report.

Where are brands missing the boat? And what are most brands actually doing in terms of personalisation? We decided to analyze 23 billion push notifications of Localytics customers in an attempt to figure that out.

What we discovered is that there are four distinct stages of personalisation from lowest to most, and that there are tangible benefits to moving from stage to stage. This ebook will help you understand where you currently are, and get a better sense of what opportunities are available to you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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