2024 Loyalty Barometer Report

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2024 Loyalty Barometer Report

What does it take to create loyal customers? And once you have their loyalty, how do you keep them engaged and invested, or even encourage them to become advocates, especially in this evolving industry?

Merkle surveyed a diverse group of 1,500 consumers across generations to gain insight into what drives customer loyalty.

For six years, the Loyalty Barometer Report has examined consumers’ thoughts and feelings on loyalty programs and how brands can better align with consumer preferences. In this edition, we’ll reveal how consumer mindsets are evolving and what brands can do to ensure customer strategies remain current, relevant, and impactful. 

What are the report’s key takeaways? 

  • Year-over-year trends are stable, but data privacy concerns and AI are poised to alter the landscape.  
  • Consumer demand for loyalty programs remains high.
  • Financial rewards must anchor program value exchanges.
  • Consumer distrust around using their data will erode loyalty program value. 

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