The Unexpected Couple: Creativity Meets Content at Scale

The Unexpected Couple: Creativity Meets Content at Scale

In today’s fast-paced digital advertising landscape, the demand for producing diverse high-quality creative assets is constantly increasing. What isn’t increasing quite as rapidly, however, are the design budgets. With tight deadlines and the need for rapid production of content at scale, design teams can struggle to keep up with market demands without compromising on the creative.

The best of both worlds: creativity and productivity

The thing is, a stunning creative is often what sets an impactful ad apart from a forgettable one. 

The good news for both brands and designers is that even in the evermore demanding advertising landscape, where design teams are expected to produce thousands of creatives that will catch the tired consumer’s eye, they can still have their cake and eat it, too. 

Certain workflow hacks and tools like Creative Automation can provide your design team with more space to do what it does best – come up with unique creative ideas that translate into high-quality content at scale and, in turn, enough successful ads to stand out in the saturated ad market.

Embrace Creative Automation in your design workflow

While agencies and brands often find it difficult to adapt to the agility and speed required to stay competitive and produce enough creative content at scale in today’s digital advertising landscape, many are still reluctant to turn to Creative Automation tools.

Why is that? Perhaps to many of us, the phrase Creative Automation still sounds like an oxymoron – how can one have automated content production without an inevitable loss of creativity? 

It turns out that in the age where designers and marketers are constantly racing against time to produce enough impactful creative assets, it’s hard to have one without the other.

How to optimize your brand’s design process without sacrificing creativity

With Creative Automation tools, designers still get to do the fun parts of the job – express their creativity, while the tech does the boring, creativity-stifling tasks that are often prone to human mistakes. 

Creative Automation tools can assist the design and marketing teams in optimizing certain aspects of the design process, but they can’t replace creativity. And that’s a good thing!

Here’s what your team can do to increase productivity without compromising creativity.

1. Get more flexible

Streamline your creative production by leveraging design templates that allow for quick customization and adaptation. By establishing a solid foundation with reusable design and creative assets, you can not only speed up the production process without compromising on quality but also empower the non-designer part of your marketing team to produce on-brand, high-quality ad variants without needing the help of a designer for every single adaptation. 

2. Let the tech do the boring stuff

Don’t waste talent on mundane and repetitive tasks that can be automated. By leaving the routine, manual tasks to the tech, you not only give your designers more time to focus on creativity, you also eliminate the risk of human mistakes

3. Cross-team communication is key

Effective collaboration is key to a smooth design process, especially if your campaigns span different channels, markets, countries, and languages. End-to-end collaborative production in a single platform gets different teams involved in the creative workflow to ensure alignment on goals, feedback, and timelines.

4. Don’t forget about brand consistency

Maintaining brand consistency across various touchpoints is essential for building brand awareness and trust. By streamlining your digital ad design processes in a single Creative Automation platform, it’s easy to ensure adherence to the established brand guidelines from point A to Z of the design process.

5. Clear up room for creativity

An overworked, stressed designer dealing with inconsistencies in things like spacing and line breaks or trying to keep up with endless revisions of countless variants won’t have much capacity left to focus on the more strategic and creative aspects of the design process.

Let your designers have fun with it and support them by providing them with the best tools to enhance their creative output and see them create wonders.

Design teams are struggling to keep up with market demands without sacrificing the creative quality of their ads. It doesn't have to be this hard — with the right tools. Consider Celtra’s Creative Automation software to get to market faster, increase creative volume, and reduce costs.

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