Trends That Matter December 2017

Mario Coletti
Business Strategist

We started the year with Unicorns and we are ending it with The Last Jedi. We fluctuate between fairy tales and interstellar fantasies. We systematically ignore the present we live in. We simply hate it.
We have become obsessed with predictions and we anaesthetise ourselves with nostalgic memories of many repainted pasts. Even commemorations such as WWI are occasions for celebrations and nostalgia rather than reflection.

Does this sound all doom and gloom? It should not be. Brands have a big responsibility. Which is not to make the 'present' looking better, but making the 'present' actually better.


  1. Aim for better products and offers rather than more of them
  2. Prove to be 'Good Citizens'
  3. Focus on experiences rather than transactions

Aiming to make Purpose, Principles and Participation the marketing "Ps" for 2018 and beyond.

Retail Trend: Home-like Stores

The emerging trend of home-like-style retail spaces may be the way forward for those clients who are already starting to wax nostalgic. These stores are characterized by a cosy, intimate environment where products are displayed in a home-living context, creating what feels like a domestic scenario. The main intention is to provide an immersive experience in order to create an emotional connection with customers while selling an inspirational lifestyle. A great example is The Apartment by The Line, an e-commerce store that has opened two apartment stores in the US over the past three years. As opposed to previous boutique stores these apartment-style showrooms are designed to put customers in the center of the retail experience.

Consumer Trend: Coffee & the Perspective Era

Coffee is an important part of our daily routine and its consumption can be considered a reflection of the changes in the consumer-brand relationships. Coffee experts divide the product's consumption into distinct periods. The last coffee movement is now focused on high-quality beans, and an artisanal experience via smaller, independent coffee shops. It's aligned with the "Perspective Era" trend, characterized by brands that show their unique points of view and target their consumers very precisely. One example of this is the Danish brand Joe & The Juice. With its intense environment, energetic "casting", healthy food options, and good coffee, it attracts a younger generation that is more interested in a soothing in-store experience.

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