Improve Engagement for Email Marketing Campaigns


The Email Service Provider (ESP) landscape continues to evolve, and the competition is as intense as ever to reach and engage target audiences. ESPs using more data points to personalize communications to drive end-user engagement will be among those that differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

“It’s an arms race in terms of being able to offer the most innovative features and functions for the best price within the ESP marketplace,” said Keith Sibson, PostUp’s vice president, product & marketing. “Clients are looking for ESPs that are agile enough to address evolving challenges by providing leading technology and more bespoke services in order to up the ante when it comes to demand generation. Data enrichment is key.”

Geolocation data is among the different types of information that PostUp uses within its email marketing platform to help clients better communicate with their customers. Because the company stakes its reputation on the strength of its email marketing platform, PostUp wanted to find the most accurate geolocation data available. As a result, PostUp made the decision to incorporate industry-leading hyperlocal IP geolocation data into its platform.

According to Sibson, the addition of hyperlocal IP data has enabled PostUp to more accurately deliver clients’ email campaigns. Read the full case study to learn more about how your company can improve engagement for email marketing campaigns.

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