AI is Not your Lifeline

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Artificial intelligence has long been pitched as a marketing silver bullet for automating repetitive tasks and improving customer service. Just to be clear, pinning all of your hopes and dreams on AI won’t automatically make your customer experience better. Read on to find out why, and how it can actually help.

AI alone won’t save you

86% of executives believe that AI and machine learning are necessities

Avanade Sitecore Martech Research Report

Algorithmic insights will undoubtedly have a tremendous impact on the world, but we’re not there yet. Yes, AI can augment and empower your human intelligence. It has the potential to facilitate your personalization, identify patterns in user journeys, and automate manual tasks. But your business will only benefit once you have a clear plan for how you’re going to drive business value through the application of AI.

  • 81% of senior marketers are already leveraging AI or machine learning to help facilitate personalization
  • 55% of senior marketers are now using AI or machine learning for predictive analysis and scenario planning
  • 51% of senior marketers have chosen AI or machine learning for quicker responsiveness to customer actions

SoDA research

First steps: Make AI more accessible

  • Machine learning can help you apply data to create meaningful customer connections - leading to more transparent insights and accurate personalization initiatives
  • Having a strategy allows you to use marketing intelligence to make smarter decisions, drive more efficient data analysis, deliver personalization and increase efficiencies
  • Make sure you also have a team in place that allows you to focus on your objectives and review any technology gaps you may have

See AI as amplification – Carter Jonas

A leading UK property consultancy and estate agent with a broad customer base across the residential, commercial and land markets, Carter Jonas relies on personal attention and highly customized digital engagement to capture and keep prospective customers’ attention across channels. Working with Delete, Carter Jonas implemented a Sitecore digital engagement platform that not only creates a single customer view, but records and evaluates every customer interaction. The company’s
new website integrates and personalizes a previously fragmented customer experience through targeted content, automated responses, and tailored conversion funnels.
Since the launch, Carter Jonas has seen significant growth in website traffic, on-site engagement, conversion rates and lead-based inquiries.

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