Superpowered B2B Customer Experiences

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Through this annual global research study, we set out to understand how B2B brands can design the ultimate customer experience, and how this experience has evolved year on year.

At a time when disruptive forces are altering every facet of business and society, Merkle B2B's global insights group, B2B International spoke to 3,505 buyers of B2B products and services and asked them to retrace the steps on their journeys for 6,212 recent B2B purchase experiences. Then, we asked them to identify which ingredients mattered to them at various stages on the decision-making journey.

In this report, learn:

  1. How the past 12 months have changed the shape of superpowered B2B customer experiences and the ingredients that create them.
  2. Which six ingredients are taking hold in the B2B sector right now and how they can help brands compete with the best?
  3. How these six ingredients vary in importance by region, age range, industry and seniority level play a role in.
  4. What successful companies are doing to close the gap on delivering the ultimate B2B CX.
  5. Why the four superpowers – reliability, understanding, enrichment and preeminence – are still important as ever.

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