Data Trends 2022: 1st Party Data + Customer Journey Analytics

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Discover the latest data and campaign management trends in this Data Trends Report 2022.

One of the most challenging but also most exciting aspects of working in marketing is the continuously evolving market environment we find ourselves in 2021 in particular was unlike many other years.

Still shadowed by the pandemic, physical events were rather rare, and remote working affected the way we interacted with customers and colleagues. Nevertheless, we found ourselves surrounded by new trends, tools and technologies.

Amongst all that change, one thing remained the same. Once again, our annual Apteco Live conference in November 2021 offered the opportunity to survey a diverse range of 200 marketing, data and campaign professionals who use Apteco software.

Representing a mixture of industries, business sizes and geographical regions, the respondents shared their insights regarding a range of topics, such as the adoption of cloud systems, marketing data usage and analysis, as well as campaign management and important trends for 2022.

By sharing our findings, we hope to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the topics to watch in the customer analytics and campaign management sphere in the year to come.

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