Powering Programmatic with People-Based Marketing

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - 15:00
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A decade ago, programmatic enabled the buying and selling of digital ads in real time - this was a revolution. But in 2017, marketers are operating in a different paradigm. Consumers use more devices, channels, and platforms than ever before, so simply targeting devices is no longer delivering ROI.

To succeed in this new paradigm, marketers need to stop targeting devices and start targeting individuals. In this way, they can serve the right ads at the right time - this is people-based marketing.

Join our webcast to hear from industry heavyweights, LiveRamp and AppNexus, on how they’re helping clients rethink the programmatic landscape using people-based marketing.

LiveRamp’s UK MD, Richard Foster, and AppNexus’ VP of Strategic Development for EMEA, Nigel Gilbert will help you understand the challenges that have emerged with programmatic ad buying in 2017 and the evolution of programmatic in the UK.

In this free webcast, you’ll learn;

  • What people-based marketing actually is, and why it’s so important
  • What challenges it helps marketers overcome
  • How you can combine people-based marketing with programmatic
  • How you can develop and deliver a people-based strategy

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