Why Some People Can't Buy Unless You Speak Their Language


In order to reach international customers, you need to speak their language - not only in relation to the country in which they live, but also in terms of the sector in which they work.

UKTI'S International Trade Advisor, Adrian Dent, illustrates the importance of communicating with your customer in a language they can understand.

This video is a clip from "Grow Faster, Reach Further - Open up new markets with translation" - watch the webcast on-demand.

[Adrian Dent:] If Holland is the biggest market for you, if you're selling tulip seeds, for instance, then it's absolutely vital that you have your business in Dutch because the agricultural sector won't be as fluent as the marketing business sector. But equally, in Holland, and awful consumers speak fluent English, around 80-90% of them, so in certain industries, particularly in ICT and technology, there is very little point in translating from your English if you're in Holland or even Germany, because the English spoken is so heavy.