Using Data to Enhance Customer Knowledge


Tracking the activity of shoppers who visit your eCommerce site is essential to determining their intentions, characteristics and buying behaviour.

Watch this short clip to discover which types of customer data matter the most.

This video is a clip from "Global Mobile Trends - How to reach, influence & convert in-the-moment customers" - watch the webcast on-demand.

So we're thinking about how users search for your brand - you know, whether they're searching for a competitor and you're picking that user up, whether they're typing something very specific that suggests they want to buy very soon - you know, if the word "emergency" or something like that is in the search keyword, you're going to know that user's very engaged and has a very high propensity to buy,

Then we think about when they land on your website and they use your website - what have they looked at? Where did they visit? How long did they spend? Did they add anything to their cart? Did they search or sort in a certain way? All of these different engagements and interactions can have a very big impact on how you should then approach them next if they don't convert straight away.

And then, another consideration is also - what type of demographics or characteristics can you extract from the way they arrived to your site? So for example, if you're using a social tool and targeting females 18-25, you know something about that audience and the type of products they may buy, and so you can use this data as well to enhance your knowledge of that customer and what they might want to see next.