The Value of Adding Friction to a Frictionless Experience

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Have you ever purchased something on Amazon so quickly that you have had it sent to the wrong address? Was the process so slick, so easy, so ‘frictionless’ that you browsed, added to basket and checked-out without realising that you had? Now functionally this experience with Amazon is unrivalled, but it can still leave you feeling frustrated because as a user you made a mistake that you now need to fix. It begs the question, have some experiences become so easy that there is not enough ‘conscious friction’ to make us take pause and consider our next best action?

This paper explores the importance of adding ‘conscious friction’ to our customer experiences. Empowering our customers to think fast and slow, about using the environment that they are in to help them make good decisions and understanding their emotions to grasp the opportunity. It reviews the need to show empathy within digital experiences to drive emotional engagement and deeper understanding of the customer, resulting in lasting customer loyalty.

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  • The value of data in helping to understand the customer.
  • How to include ‘conscious friction’ to the customer experience
  • The importance of measuring the customer experience to unlock 'moments that matter'.
  • When to add and when to avoid adding ‘conscious friction’ within the customer journey.

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