A Powerful New Way to Recruit

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Identifying and hiring skilled employees is one of the most difficult challenges facing companies today. Competition for highly qualified candidates is greater than ever, resulting in constrained talent pools and more competition for available candidates. Meanwhile, HR department resources are strained to the limit, further complicating the task of identifying and hiring qualified candidates..

This white paper describes how virtual recruiting technologies are enabling firms to:

  • Attract thousands of candidates quickly and inexpensively
  • Extend the company’s recruiting reach to a global audience
  • Include company managers in the recruiting process with minimal impact to their schedules
  • Build relationships with future potential job candidates

Also included are several case studies that describe how leading global companies are using the ON24 virtual recruiting solution to reduce costs and enhance recruiting results.

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Unprecedented Hiring Challenges

Companies are facing unprecedented challenges in identifying and hiring skilled employees. The increasing pace of globalization has created many new jobs abroad, depriving local job markets of high quality candidates. Compounding the hiring problem are overall greater costs of doing business, including increased energy and health care costs, and uncertainty about the long-term job outlook.

Nearly one in four employers report that difficulty in finding highly skilled applicants is one of their top recruiting challenges. The main problem for employers is constrained talent pools; companies need larger pools of potential applicants to draw from, which means they need to extend their reach to candidates worldwide.

The average length of time needed to fill a position is 45 days. Companies must review each available applicant carefully, and yet they typically receive a large percentage of resumes from unqualified applicants, increasing the difficulty of making timely decisions. Moreover, hiring managers have multiple responsibilities that distract them from their primary task of locating and hiring quality people.

Virtual Recruiting

The internet has changed dramatically the way business is conducted, including recruiting and hiring practices. For example, firms are now using virtual career fair events to attract job candidates for wide ranging positions. Virtual career fairs typically comprise one–two day events and combine a number of elements—for example, webcasts, social networking, and real-time chat sessions with hiring managers—to promote available positions.

INTERNAL RECRUITING: Virtual recruiting is extremely useful not only for expanding new applicant pools, but also for facilitating internal hiring, where the goal is to attract existing skilled employees to new opportunities from within the company. The use of internal relocation career fairs has grown tremendously at large multinational firms, especially for positions in emerging regions. Like external job events, internal career fairs typically include one to-two-day live days, as well as webcasts and live chat sessions with hiring managers.

ONLINE RECRUITING CENTERS: Companies have long been using recruiting websites to disseminate information on available positions. More recently, these sites have evolved from online employment brochures into more dynamic and engaging virtual environments. Virtual recruiting centers are very useful for cultivating relationships with “passive job seekers,” i.e., those who are not necessarily actively looking for a new position, but are interested in staying current with opportunities in their fields.

The benefits of virtual recruiting centers include the ability to:

  • Attract thousands of candidates quickly and inexpensively
  • Extend the company’s recruiting reach to a global audience
  • Provide access to company managers without disrupting their schedules
  • Establish dialogs and idea sharing between the company and candidates

Virtual College Recruiting

Conveying the image of being an innovative, forwardthinking company is especially important in recruiting new college graduates. College students are extremely adept at using social networking sites, and they prefer using these tools in their employment searches. Therefore, virtual recruiting tools can be especially useful in recruiting new graduates. Virtual recruiting environments are also ideal for communicating a “coolness factor” to new college graduates, who place a high value on the ability to access wide-ranging information and communicate virtually and using their mobile devices.

Virtual college recruiting environments are especially valuable for reaching distant campuses, which make establishing a physical presence prohibitively costly. Companies can communicate with career centers and directly with students, host live presentations and interactive discussions, and conduct real-time interviews via chat and video teleconferencing tools.

Benefits of Virtual College Recruiting

College recruiting is especially challenging, given compressed recruiting seasons and strong competition for top candidates. Moreover, college students expect employers to have a compelling online presence. Virtual recruiting tools allow companies to:

  • Reduce campus recruiting costs
  • Attract candidates from colleges that they are unable to visit in-person
  • Project a “cool company” image
  • Establish online communities for new college hires networking
  • Attract students to less desirable industries and locations

ON24: Leading Provider of Virtual Recruitment

ON24 is the industry leader in virtual communication solutions. The ON24 virtual recruiting solution is a global online environment that incorporates custom locations, information booths, live webcasts, collaboration tools, and social networking—giving companies a powerful advantage in recruiting highly skilled candidates.

The ON24 virtual recruiting solution is unique among online career offerings. For example, it includes a number of unparalleled features, including:

  • Industry-leading webcasts with social networking and collaboration widgets
  • Enterprise-class reliability, scalability, and security
  • Comprehensive networking and collaboration tools
  • Integration with applicant tracking systems
  • Multilingual environment with real-time language toggle
  • Support for mobile devices

Real World Experience

ON24 webcasting and virtual environment solutions have given leading firms powerful tools for engaging highly skilled job candidates. The following case studies demonstrate how companies are using the ON24 virtual recruiting solution to:

  • Attract high-quality candidates quickly and inexpensively
  • Extend recruiting reach to a global audience
  • Use company managers’ time more productively
  • Cultivate relationships with future job candidates
  • Leading Financial Services Firm

    A leading financial services company uses the ON24 virtual environment to create a virtual recruiting center for colleges that the company is unable to visit in person. The recruiting center provides potential candidates with access to company information and managers at their convenience, and without the need to travel. Students can view company webcasts and participate in scheduled chats. They can also network with others who have registered for the virtual recruiting center. Using the ON24 virtual environment, the company:

  • Reaches over 350 students each year, who spend an average of three hours in the virtual recruiting center
  • Allows students to interact with company
  • representatives in a variety of business areas
  • Conducts hundreds of informational chat sessions

Real World Experience


IBM has had a presence in Africa for many years. Having identified Africa as a future growth market, IBM began investing heavily in new data centers, regional offices, and other infrastructure there. The company’s Enterprise Career Development team developed an internal recruitment strategy to identify prospective employees for its African operations. Working with ON24, IBM created its Destination Africa Job Fair, an online event designed to identify candidates for IBM jobs in Africa and connect them with recruiters. The IBM Destination Africa Job Fair succeeded beyond expectations, including:

  • More than 3,100 candidates have attended the online job fair environment
  • Attendees spend over two hours, on average, in the job fair environment
  • More than 1,000 candidates have been identified


SAE International is a global society of engineers working in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries. The organization’s mission is to provide the tools, intellectual property, and services its members need to advance in these industries. SAE International used the ON24 virtual environment for its virtual career fair, providing an efficient online venue for job seekers to connect with hiring companies. The event resulted in:

  • More than 800 attendees looking for opportunities
  • Significant participation from employers
  • Considerable travel cost savings for both recruiters and candidates


Sanoma Media Budapest (SMB), one of Hungary’s top media companies, needed to reach a large audience reliably with its semi-annual career event. The company selected the ON24 environment solution. SMB’s virtual career fair featured a virtual exhibit hall and employer booths, which offered video presentations from employers, online chats between job seekers and hiring companies, and social networking. The event was the world’s largest online career fair to date, generating:

  • More than 43,000 attendees
  • Nearly 150,000 online visits
  • 130,000 document views in the virtual environment

Powerful Recruiting Results

Today’s companies need to cut recruitment costs wherever possible, while generating stronger competitive results. Virtual recruiting tools such as the ON24 virtual recruiting solution enable employers to do more with less, generating greater efficiency and effectiveness, and lower costs compared to traditional recruiting practices.

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