The Future of Publishing: Automated, Atomic and Channel-Agnostic

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As a content specialist, you face a number of challenges in the new content landscape.

  • An increasing number of channels (but the same number of staff)
  • Seeking out new audiences and revenue streams
  • Competing with increasing volumes of free online content

To exploit the opportunities - and avoid the pitfalls - of multichannel publishing, you’ll need to develop robust, reliable and more efficient content production systems.

This in-depth ebook describes essential actions you can take now, to secure a successful future in content publishing. It draws on in-depth conversations with WoodWing customers, partners and executives, who have generously shared their advice and insights on four future trends:

  • How to appeal to - and interact with - multiple content audiences
  • How to monetize content in a world where free content is the norm
  • How to rethink employee roles and partner relationships
  • How to benefit from - and take advantage of - emerging technologies

Think of what follows as pre-flight checks for your multi-channel content flight plan. Prepare today, so you and your content company can soar tomorrow.

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