Drive Up Customer Lifetime Value Using These Five Key Applications

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The real (and still for many organisations, potential) value of effective marketing automation only truly became clear to me about three years ago, and came about in a purely chance fashion. Yes, I have been involved in this space for 20 years, and I have always been a believer in the value Marketing Automation can deliver. I see incredibly positive results all the time but always assumed that the benefits Marketing Automation can bring are lost in the bigger marketing picture. But one particular conversation changed my outlook and approach to what can, and should, be achieved through data driven Marketing Automation.

That conversation was with a former CEO of a client. The CEO had moved on when the client was bought by a major European sector player, and hence was the former CEO.

But that is by the by, the important bit of the conversation revolved around the sale price of the business. This, I was told, had increased following the application of a successful Marketing Automation platform (RedEye – other platforms are available!) which had led to an increase in both conversion rates and average number of orders per individual and, critically, the predicted lifetime value of a customer.

Simply put, an advanced Marketing Automation strategy can improve the value of your business. Many organisations are still only scratching the surface of what can be achieved.

There is a real shift taking place in how Marketing Automation platforms operate. AI, Machine Learning, Customer Data Platforms, Predictive Analytics, and Behavioural Data… all factors being brought to bear by Marketing Automation platforms, that will help the marketer to create more relevant and timely campaigns, driving up performance, revenue, and the lifetime value of the customer.

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