The 2024 Email Prospecting Playbook

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Getting your prospect's attention via email was already near impossible — it got much harder in 2024.

With emails and cold calls being some of the only ways to reach decision-makers, email prospecting isn’t going anywhere. However, it is undergoing significant changes. Consumers expect a customized experience, like they receive in other areas of their daily lives. They don’t want to feel like one of the millions lumped in your mass-targeted outreach. Every SDR and sales team has taken advantage of a “quantity over quality” approach.

And that's why there's a new sheriff in town who especially thinks bulk senders have gotten a little trigger-happy with the send button and plans to lock them up in email prison: the spam folder. OK, so technically, it's the same sheriff as always (Google), but they are prepared to put a massive stop to the ever abused used bulk send. The new email limitations will start on February 1, 2024.

The TL;DR version of Google's email limitations is anyone defined as a "bulk sender" may find their emails sent to their recipient's spam folder if they don't follow Google's new email sender guidelines AND whether your recipients see value in your email or not…

2024 is going to force sales teams to take a completely new approach to their outbound email strategy. If your email prospecting game relies on a shotgun approach or is in any way on shaky ground, these new limitations will be its breaking point. The volume-based outbound playbook is obsolete; the targeted outbound approach is about to get a new engine. 2024’s focus will be to reach the right prospects at the right time using the right message – with fewer emails.

This playbook will show you the right approach to outbound messaging, leading you to book more meetings, and ultimately securing your path to revenue

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