Snakes & Ladders: Don’t leave customer experience to chance


In our modern, connected world, marketers are looking for ways to deliver meaningful customer interactions across all channels. To drive customer satisfaction and to accelerate business results, brands must focus on the implementation and delivery of an effective customer experience strategy if they are to succeed.

To highlight its importance, here are 5 statistical reasons your brand needs to focus on creating a positive customer experience:

  • 97% of customers say that customer experience is important in their choice of, or loyalty to a brand (UK State of Multichannel Customer Service).
  • 95% of people share bad experiences with others, and 87% share good experiences with others – Zen Desk
  • 85% of customers realize data tracking makes it possible for retailers to present them with relevant and targeted content - Accenture
  • 69% of customers are happy to exchange personal data for a more personalized service – Kentico, Customer Experience in the Digital Age
  • 73% of customers prefer retailers use personal information to create a relevant experience – Accenture

Beware; with an estimated 85% of marketers also working towards delivering cohesive customer experiences, brands simply cannot afford to make a mistake. In our digital era, where consumers will tune in or tune out with a single click of a button, your competitors are ready and waiting to take the lead.

SDL’s new infographic shows what to consider when looking to deliver a winning customer experience strategy. Don’t leave yours down to chance. You can download it here.

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