Trends That Matter September 2017

Mario Coletti
Business Strategist

Fantasy Acceleration

Maybe those Unicorns are here to stay. In early 2016, unicorns broke free from smaller super-fan groups to a full-on cultural phenomenon. According to trend expert Daniel Levine, this was a fad which “is different from a trend, with the primary difference being longevity. Think of unicorns as being this year’s pumpkin spice, a moment that will likely pass rather than last several years.”

2017 is ending and Unicorns are still going strong and the trend has been evolving and exploring other mythical creatures: in 2017, Mermaids and Dragons are set to rule. The difference this time around is that savvy businesses were incredibly quick to capitalise on this evolution. Not just for food.

The mermaid blanket became the most-watched deal on Amazon on Cyber Monday and a bestseller on Asos. This has gone onto include mermaid crowns (basically shells in your hair), Puur Maid products (cats + mermaids = marketing gold) and most recently mermaid toast, which is, in this case, a follower.

The NextAtlas correlation engine reveals a more interconnected phenomenon than just a fad, as the individual ‘fantasy’ trends are in effect, connected.

Why is this happening?

There have been numerous social/cultural explanations for why this is happening, combined with a more straightforward rationale that looks at how we consume social media today. Instagram and Snapchat are now more popular than text-based social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Key takeaways

  • Regardless of why you think people want to make their life supernatural - whether they like fun colored things, or because the world is just shit – it is here to stay, and it’s big business.
  • For brands like Starbucks, it brought people in stores, contributing to a same-store sales increase of 3% in the second quarter.
  • Social media makes “stunt” products prime to go viral when it works amplifying messages and results
  • Being part of a sort of movement, rather than just buying a popular product is especially appealing to Gen Z.

Business Idea: BeeHex 3D-prints pizza

One Silicon Valley startup building a 3-D food printer, BeeHex, has raised $1 million in seed funding to launch its first product, a pizza printer called the Chef 3D.

Initially, the inventors received a $125,000 grant from NASA in 2016 to develop a device that would be able to make a variety of foods for astronauts on long missions in outer space. But the company’s cofounders– A.Contractor, C.Kanuga, J.French and B.Feltner– have been adapting their original concept printer technology for a commercial market.

BeeHex produces any type of pizza in any shape and compared to human workers, the robot is faster, cleaner, and more consistent.

This year, the Chef 3D will appeared at select theme parks, arenas, and malls and customers will be able to order through the BeeHex app.

Business Idea: Clear Coffee CLR CFF

Clear Coffee is the beverage trend you didn't know you needed.

The new bottled beverage CLR CFF, was developed by two Slovakian brothers who were bothered enough by how regular coffee was staining their teeth that they came up with a recipe for one that lacks any color at all. They won't reveal exactly how it's made, but say it doesn't involve any weird chemicals or additives, and that it's derived from freshly roasted Arabica beans.

According to the Evening Standard, the taste is "strong, like a potent cold brew," while employees at Metro who tried it described it varyingly as "odd, but not unpleasant" .

To try it yourself you'll need to pop on over to London, where it's currently stocked at Selfridges and Whole Foods. Otherwise, you can order it online.

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