IRX Findings: Improving the User Experience is the Priority for Most eCommerce Businesses this Autumn

Louise Smith
Event Manager - IRX
Louise Smith, Event Manager

If it’s difficult to find what you want easily, in-store or on an eCommerce site, many of us will soon leave and not return.

This loss of potential business is so important, that two thirds (67 per cent) of eCommerce businesses we spoke to recently said that ‘improving the user experience’ was one of their top three priorities from now until the end of the year. Reflecting a similar sentiment, 38 per cent said they were planning to become a ‘consumer-first’ organisation, followed by ‘creating a consistent omnichannel experience’ (30 per cent).

These findings came when we were researching the latest industry issues to help to plan the conference schedule for the launch of IRX @ DTX + UCX which takes place on 12 & 13 October at ExCeL London; and they are reflected clearly in the content of the conference sessions.

These include a panel session on creating personalised experiences for each customer using data and insights featuring Matthew Clark from the BBC, Kristian Burnard from Lounge Underwear and Mairead Masterson from Bloom & Wild. Taher Khaliq of Trinny Londonwill present a case study on Continuing to deliver while replatforming, where he will discuss the challenge facing many retailers of improving its systems while continuing to deliver an innovative customer experience.

Prioritising how retailers are meeting consumer needs is a fascinating trend as it is more externally focussed than ‘building a winning team,’ ‘creating new products,’ ‘changing our technology architecture’ and ‘finding new platforms’, which came next in the sequence. In previous research, it is these inwardly facing business actions which have been among the top priorities.   

Anjali Subburaj of Mars will share insights on Evolving architecture to support changing customer needs and the growth of D2C while Taher Khaliq will speak about the importance at Trinny London of hiring colleagues who are a great fit for our existing culture and can shape what our business will look like in the future.

New Priorities

This change in priorities may well be a reflection of their responses when we asked them if their business priorities has changed since the pandemic. 70 per cent said they had changed. The pandemic has clearly had an impact on how the majority of eCommerce businesses are operating.

Finally, it’s great to see that the potential for growth is driving action. 65 per cent of the businesses we spoke to had changed their business’s eCommerce architecture to help scale their businesses; it’s very encouraging that so many are either having to cope with growth or are optimistic that they can expect to see business increase.

IRX @ DTX + UCX takes place on 12 & 13 October at ExCeL London.
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