Are You Using Your Affiliate Network Properly

Are You Using Your Affiliate Network Properly

We’re on a continuous mission to make sure that our advertisers get maximum value from our affiliate network. That encompasses not just our technology but also our people and services.

Webgains UK Publisher Director Bryony Hatherley recently hosted an episode of our Thinking Forwards podcast in which she grilled two of our amazing account managers to learn more. You can watch the episode, featuring our very own Ashleigh Waters and Wing Mei Ng, below or scroll down to get our four key takeaways.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, affiliate networks stand out as powerful tools for brands seeking to expand their reach, drive growth, and establish fruitful partnerships. However, unlocking the full potential of an affiliate network requires more than just signing up and hoping for the best. It demands proactive engagement, strategic collaboration, and a clear understanding of goals and objectives.

At Webgains, we’ve witnessed firsthand the significant impact that an optimised affiliate network can have on a brand’s performance. From driving revenue growth to fostering meaningful relationships with publishers, the possibilities are endless.

So how do we think you should do it?

1. Use Your Account Manager

Your affiliate network account manager is your gateway to success in the affiliate world. The first thing you should do when launching your affiliate program is to share with them your company goals and objectives. It’s amazing how many brands fail to do this.

Make sure you are aligning all of your business objectives with the affiliate channel and involve us in everything. No information is useless.

The more your network knows, the better service they can give you. Treat us as an extension of your own team, providing your network with insights into your brand’s vision and direction. By aligning your business objectives with the affiliate channel, you empower your account manager to tailor strategies and opportunities that best suit your needs.

2. Leverage Data Insights for Informed Decision-Making

We gets lots of reports from publishers with some amazing strategic information. Brands can get this information directly from publishers or through the network.

What networks can offer is more granular than just matchmaking. There’s data, there’s insights. For instance, Webgains has a client for whom we run competitor analysis twice a week, every week as well as monthly benchmarking.

Data is the lifeblood of any successful affiliate program. Utilise the wealth of data available within your affiliate network to gain insights into competitor analysis, benchmarking, and consumer trends. Work closely with your account manager to track key metrics and identify areas for optimisation. Whether it’s refining your targeting strategy or optimising your voucher campaigns, data-driven decisions are crucial for maximising ROI.

Webgains UK Publisher Director Bryony Hatherley (left), Senior Account Managers Ashleigh Waters (middle) and Wing Mei Ng (right) – featured in Webgains Thinking Forwards podcast series.

3. Cultivate Publisher Relationships

Forge strong relationships not only with your network but also with the publishers within it. Leverage the expertise and insights of publishers to refine your affiliate strategy and reach your target audience more effectively. Attend industry events, such as PI Live, to network with publishers and explore partnership opportunities. By nurturing these relationships, you can tap into new markets and drive sustained growth.

When you get to know your brand in that way, they get to know you, they get to know the network, they get to know publishers. Then everything that you’re putting forward to them is better received. You’ve built that trust.

Aside from the big affiliate and partner marketing conferences at which your network might be exhibiting, are they including you in any other events they’re hosting themselves? If not, they should be, so ask to be included. Post-pandemic we’ve made intimate in-person events a massive part of our client service and they’ve proved exceptionally popular. For example, last year we hosted In Your City in London, Manchester and Bristol and already in 2024 we’ve had Webgains Mixer events in Manchester and London. These smaller events are an absolutely fantastic way to network and strategise with current and future partners in a slightly more informal setting.

Whether you are a current Webgains client or not, if you’d like to come to one of our events, and we have several more planned for this year, please get in touch.

We recently ran an affiliate day for British lingerie brand Lounge Underwear in Amsterdam as they looked to establish growth in new markets.

4. Embrace International Opportunities

In today’s global marketplace, the potential for international expansion is vast. Work with your network to explore opportunities beyond your domestic market.

Our clients don’t always realise how much Webgains can offer in this area. We have a diverse team of international affiliate marketing experts throughout Europe. Our people have intelligence about consumer trends and shopping habits that can really make a difference to your programs growth.

So ask yourself, are you missing out on your network’s expertise and international growth opportunities?

Remain open-minded and engaged throughout your affiliate journey. Continuously seek opportunities for improvement and innovation. Be receptive to suggestions and insights from your network and publishers. Attend events, participate in affiliate days, and stay proactive in your approach to affiliate marketing. By staying engaged and embracing new opportunities, you can unlock the full potential of your affiliate network.

Maximising the value of your affiliate network requires proactive engagement, strategic collaboration, and a data-driven approach. By building strong relationships, leveraging data insights, embracing international opportunities, and staying open-minded, brands can drive growth, establish partnerships, and achieve outstanding results in the affiliate channel. At Webgains, we’re committed to helping brands unlock their full potential in affiliate marketing. Join us on this journey, and let’s maximise the value of your affiliate network together.

If you think you’re not getting maximum value from your affiliate network and think you can do more with Webgains, please get in touch with us and we can strategise your affiliate growth as a priority.

Get more from your affiliate network with Webgains!

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