5 Reasons Gaming Customers Stay to Play

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Loyalty is a big issue in the gaming industry; according to our research, only 52% of customers are persuaded to make more than two deposits and just 3% stay loyal to a company for more than a year. With so many different offers, odds and games to choose from, players are spoilt for choice. Why should they stick with one company?

The good news is there are loyal players out there – but what makes them stick rather than twist? Here are five things you can do to get your customers to stay to play with your brand.

1. Reward your existing customers

Introductory offers are a great way to get customer through the door, but if that’s all you offer them, they’re unlikely to stay. 39% of players say they change betting company because they see a better introductory offer elsewhere. To hang onto existing customers, make sure you’re giving them special offers as well, or at least providing some form of loyalty programme.

28% of players choose a gaming company based on its loyalty programme, whilst 39% say frequent special offers made to them as a regular customer is what they value most from a gaming company.

2. Give them more chances to win

Players aren’t likely to keep betting if they think they can never win. A wide variety of games and bets with different odds and payout options can help keep players happy. For example, you may want to offer games that offer more chances to win smaller prizes or bets that allow players to cash out early.

31% of players switch companies because they find better odds elsewhere, so don’t let the competition get ahead of you!

3. Make it easy to play

Whether they’re in-store, on your website or using your app, players want it to be quick and easy to place a bet or play a quick game. If you make them jump through too many hoops or slow them down with pop-ups for irrelevant bets or games, they’re going to go elsewhere.

Offer a fast-loading app, streamline your website and monitor your stores to make sure the user experience wherever your players go is up to speed. 15% of players switch gaming companies because their app is slower than a rival’s and 35% stay loyal to brands who offer an easily accessible and comprehensive app.

4. Offer a seamless in-store/online experience

Your stores, website and app shouldn’t operate as different businesses. Players want to be able to use their account with you across all of your channels, so they can place a bet online, use those winnings to make another bet in-store, cash out in person and vice versa. In fact, 32% say integration between in-store and online functionality would encourage them to stay with a company.

5. Listen to their feedback

Only a third of players say that all of the gaming companies they use collect customer feedback. If you don’t know why your customers have stopped depositing with you, how are you going to improve your service?

By asking for feedback from different types of players, you can learn so much about your business and make meaningful changes that boost player loyalty. For example, you could send a customised feedback form to customers who’ve only made one deposit to learn why they stopped playing with you, as well as those loyal players who make a deposit a few times a month to understand what you are getting right.

Need help boosting player loyalty?

We’re here to help gaming businesses understand how their customers feel about their service and what they can do to improve, and most importantly don’t lose players to the competition. Find out more about what Feefo can do for you – get in touch with Feefo's friendly sales team today!

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